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Photo by Mark J Barret :  http://markjbarrett.ifp3.com/

Photo by Mark J Barret : http://markjbarrett.ifp3.com/

Future husband needs to see this! I mean I'll be showing congress for the next few years waiting for this day!!!

horsesornothing: “ imdoingthisforrmyhorse: “ northernryderlife: “ myreasontobelieve: “ ever-soclever: “ The horse’s face is priceless…. ” That is awesome! The horse is just.

Clydesdale - I just want to ride horses all day...

Such a beautiful creature. He seems to summon thunder itself when he stomped his hooves. The wind moved to his command as his nostrils flared and he swished his tail. He was a thing of power, the embodiment of nature.

love comes in all sizes

All of our horses were trained (by my husband) to sit like a dog . it's awesome.this is not my husband or my horse!

Mare and foal by aqhjournal*

Quarter Horse mare Electric Evangelena and her first foal - 'Mother's True Love' by Kelly Cogburn


Wild Pinto Family by Carol Walker - Wild Pinto Family Photograph - Wild Pinto Family Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Rick's Random Horse Thoughts - Think Like a Horse ®

Wild Horses in The Morning Mist (they get so frisky when the mornings are chilly like this) J

Alicia Burton, New Zealand rider

Alycia Burton and her amazing horse Classic Goldrush jump and above with no saddle or bridle. All there is on the horse is a free rein which wraps around the horse's neck so she can turn her horse more easily. There is an amazing bond between Alycia a


My horse's feet are as swift as rolling thunder He carries me away from all my fears And when the world threatens to fall asunder His mane is there to wipe away my tears. Want to do a photo shoot like this