Nobody hates Twilight as much as Robert Pattinson.

It probably was him <-- And if all this is true I am extremely grateful for Robert Pattinson's existence. No one wants another sparkly-stalker book to be written.<<< Seriously no one hates Twilight more than Pattinson.

For those uneducated swine in the world Henry in this is referencing king Henry who is famous for doing that - except he had six wives, and it went: divorced, beheaded, died, divorces, beheaded, survived. Because he died first on the sixth wife...

For those uneducated swine in the world Henry in this is referencing king Henry who did those things to each of his 8 wives << He had 6 wives and only bed, wed and beheaded 2 of them.


355 word essay Telephone is no doubt one of the important devices of communicating messages in a relatively short period, messages can be sent through letters and telegrams as well.

The US of EH

or America becomes a part of Canada just so that maybe in the process America will drop its shittyness and adapt to Canada's passive-aggressive kindness <<<Someone’s a wrong grumpy monkey

Hahaha Precipisatan

Ahahahaha fuck- fuck ahahahahaha I can’t stop laughing help- ahahahahaha


My first thought was that you were gonna pull a Winchester and dig up a grave.<<Hell, you can get one from the internet pretty friggin' cheap, too. (Or so I hear)

30 Funny Tumblr Quotes #Funny #Tumblr Quotes

30 Funny Tumblr Quotes

Teenage Love : Picture Description I aspire to have a relationship like this. If I'm not arguing with someone, I'm not fully happy.

why am i laughing so hard

Wouldn't it be cool if you wrote a horror story using those types of words? Like you live in a cozy cottage in the forest but turns out there are dead people buried there.