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"Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends?

Teenager Post #21763

Not many people I can do this with but Wiebe Reddekopp Wiebe and Dyck are 4 of the of the best people for this that I know. Yes this is so true this happens with some of my close friends that feel like family to me. I love my friends

hahahahaha! you tell them!!!!!!!!

Who else hates when their mom says because I said so? I asked my mom do I really have to go to group therapy one time and she started yelling. I'm going to start using that next time she asks me to do something

Except I'm not always positive.

Teenager Post Always Be Positive. *trips down stairs* "Man, I got down those stairs fast!

♕ yoυ're perғecт jυѕт нow yoυ are ♕ ⇻skylar149⇺

Ugh truth <<<< I'll go through the ENTIRE house looking for food, then my mom will come up to me and be like: You hungry? Me: No, not really just want to eat for the fun of it.