The prettiest rainbow cake.

Rainbow Cake How To. My original plan was to have the inside of the cake rainbow colored and have it iced in all white.

To go with the rainbow cupcakes! Reminds me of a jello rainbow trifle I saw Katie Brown do once.

I have to remember this "art gallery party" idea for a few years down the road. It's so cute (but would be better with older kids).

Rainbow Cake!

Happy Birthday to my niece Julia who just turned Last night was her family party, complete with giggling girls, and an awesome cake mad.

Sweet 16 Rainbow  on Cake Central

Sweet 16 Rainbow - cake by Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.

rainbow sprinkles birthday cake- Scott loves these types of sprinkles he would totally freak with excitement!!

Somewhere over the Rain{BOW}.there are LOTS of sprinkles! - Buttercream cake covered entirely in rainbow sprinkles. Bow is made with fondant (mixed with tylose) as is the this cake!

Slice of Rainbow Cake from Bee's Cake Design via Flickr

Made for my nieces birthday party. It's also rainbow cake on the inside. Not sure who designed the orginial 'slice of cake'. This is just my spin on it.

A riotously fun layered rainbow cake. but probably with skittles on top and a different frosting design

Try rainbow foods if you hesitate which color your next delicious desserts should be. Use all bright colors. These 36 desserts are very pretty and yummy.