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Luke can anyone tell me who he's dating? I ship him with Gemma, but who does he date? And is Gemma with Luke or Ashton?

Do you guys think you could get me to 100 followers?! x (Doesn't really matter but I've been so close for so long)

The concert - Chapter 1

5sos luke Hemmings omg LUKE HEMMINGS ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring 5sos, luke hemmings, people, pictures and 5 seconds of summer

This is my new favorite Luke picture.and now it's my screensaver<<it's beautiful

OMGGGG............I love this.....except him getting hurt....but its still funny:)

I love this.except him getting hurt.but its still funny:)<<<<<He got hurt l! That's what makes it funny!<<is that Michael Clifford?

You were hanging with the boys and they were dressing up in silly costumes. It was actually really entertaining, though. "Aren't I a beautiful ballerina?" Luke asks, looking up at you. "No," you answer. He makes a pouty face and you laugh at him, causing him to laugh, too. You pat his soft hair. "I'm just kidding, Luke. You're a beautiful ballerina," you laugh. "Yay!" He exclaims, attempting to do a twirl but failing miserably.

Starstruck ➵ luke hemmings - 6.

OMG! That lip ring is going to kill me!

Tips For Girls - 50 Facts About Luke Hemmings

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