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This product an all inclusive thematic unit for your teaching needs. It addresses the science standards for aquatic life in kindergarten The children will learn about characteristics of a fish and the difference between fish and ocean mammals. Extension activities about pond life are included as well. The children will learn the concepts and vocabulary being taught through poetry , art, activities and printables that can be used across the kindergarten curriculum.

ESL Fish and Sea Life Vocabulary/Concept Development ELL Newcomers Too

4th grade fish collage in the style of book illustrator Eric Carle. Printmake paper on day 1. Collage on day & & 3.

Fish collage in the style of book illustrator Eric Carle after reading some Eric Carle books. Printmake paper on day Collage on day 2 &

25 Ocean Books for Kids and Snapping Fish Craft >> Teach Beside Me

25 Ocean Books for Kids & Snapping Fish Craft

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle is an informational book that was published in 1991.  This book demonstrates the life cycle of a flower, from a small seed to a blossomed, mature flower.  I would use this book to promote text to world connections by reading the book and then planting a flower seed and we would watch it grow as the flower in the book does.

5 A Day Books: Week 10: Eric Carle

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. This is a cute, color and creative book that is about a seed's journey through the different climates and seasons. It finishes talking about how it got into the ground and grew and how the cycle started again.

Beautiful gigantic fish, group work. Would have to be hang from ceiling

Collaborative project - she used paper plates. what about dyed coffee filters? Or Sharpie/rubbing alcohol scales.a giant Rainbow Parrot Fish with willow, tissue paper and paper plates. Art Ed,Art ed ideas,Art Proje