The wedding gown is fab!!

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Reign (Megan Follows, Caitlin Stasey, Adelaide Kane, Anna Popplewell as Queen Catherine de Medici, Lady Kenna, Mary Queen of Scots and Lady Lola)

- "Tasting Revenge" Catherine de Medici, Kenna, Mary, Queen of Scotland and France and Lola.

REIGN OVERALL SERIES RATING: 4.5 stars While Reign was one of my fav shows to date , it kind of dragged after season one, but then picked back up, I mean it has always been interesting , but not as exciting as season 1 , now here's some of the things I was disappointed in that Mary and Francis didn't get there happy ending on earth & I was even going to accept Lord Bothwell to be her happy ending but sadly that didn't happen .. she was executed 20 years later & her son didn't even come to…

I haven't really watched the last season but I know how it ended and I've watched the ending scene.MY it brought me to tears :,((

Inspiration robe qu’une princesse va porter pour se marier

La robe de princesse pour votre mariage

Inspiration robe qu’une princesse va porter pour se marier

Reign (TV show) Adelaide Kane as Mary - socorro, as roupas dessa mulher, quero todas

Reign TV Show: Hit or Miss?

Reign -- Image Number: -- Pictured: Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots -- Photo: Mathieu Young/The CW -- © 2013 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

From Monica Geller to Kelly Kapowski, these TV brides knew how to rock some killer wedding gowns.

34 Of The Most Memorable Wedding Dresses In TV History

Pin for Later: Remember All These Romantic Onscreen Weddings This Year? Reign Mary (Adelaide Kane) gets a gorgeous gown to marry her beloved Francis in.

The wedding gown is fab!!

Adelaide Kane as Queen Mary Stuart in Reign (TV Series, This is one of the most gorgeous royal wedding outfits I’ve ever seen. Not the dress itself, but when combined with the belt and earrings.