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During the Normandy Allied Invasion, a Scottish Piper played his bagpipes walking upright while the carnage erupted. He later asked captured German prisoners why they hadn't shot him. They said they thought he was crazy.

Bill Millin

British commandos of Special Service Brigade, led by Lord Lovat, landing on 'Queen Red' sector of Sword Beach, at La Breche, on the morning of 6 June 1944 ×

Words to Scotland The Brave - Celtic Bagpipes Hark, when the night is falling  Hear, hear the pipes are calling  Loudly and proudly calling  Down through the Glen.  There where the hills are sleeping  Now feel the blood a-leaping  High as the spirits  Of the old highland men.  Chorus:  Towering in gallant fame  Scotland my mountain hame  High may your proud standards  Gloriously wave!  Land of my high endeavor  Land of the shining river  Land of my heart forever  Scotland the brave!

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I think they are wearing the Buchanan Clan Tartan. My clan! :) A bit loud, though. Well ok, a lot loud! LoL

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Patrick's Day Activity: Listen to Bagpipes ~~ The sound of bagpipes in the air is a St. Check out performances by the unique, talented musicians at a local parade or festival.

Photo shop...but cute. Sean Connery playing bagpipes with a boy who may have peeked up his kilt.

Bagpipes played at many ceremonies- Canadian.I've been honoured several times to hear Bagpipes during Rememberance Services.

image of kilt  - Silhouette of a bagpiper wearing a scottish kilt - JPG

image of kilt - Silhouette of a bagpiper wearing a scottish kilt - JPG

Typical guys..

The notorious ban on alcohol in North America sparked both outrage and a renowned speakeasy culture of underground bars and secret parties. Hence, the 1920 also became known as the Prohibition Era. Photo: protesters against the alcohol ban.


American assault forces hurdle over the side of a Coast Guard LCI into a landing barge, which will bring them into the fight to liberate France, during the Allied invasion of the Normandy, in June (AP Photo)


Celtic: ~ A reminder that the bagpipes were once considered a weapon of war Bagpipes are either the most beautiful sound in the world, or the most terrible. It all depends on which side of the battlefield you’re standing on.

This really should have the Saltire and not the Union Jack... Just sayin

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bagpipes--secret weapon(ok, not so secret) Actually WAS power in pipes.since the English OUTLAWED them!

Bagpipes that were played during the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

The Pipes you see here were found on the battlefield and are currently on display at the Culloden Moor Battlefield museum. Original owner, piper, of the set is unknown but there is little doubt he will have perished at the battle

Dog and bagpiper, Bowen, 1921. Studio portrait of a bagpiper in traditional highland dress.

Dog and bagpiper, Bowen, Studio portrait of a bagpiper in traditional highland dress.

Omaha Beach...this would have been one of the last sights hundreds of American boys saw.

WWII - The D-Day Landings, U. troops wade ashore from a Coast Guard landing craft at Omaha Beach during the Normandy D-Day landings near Vierville sur Mer, France, on June (REUTERS/US National Archives)

Jack Churchill (1906-1996), British.  Soldier who fought throughout World War II armed with a longbow, bagpipes, and a Scottish broadsword.

William "Bill" Millin July 1922 – 17 August commonly known as Piper Bill, was personal piper to Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, commander of 1 Special Service Brigade at D-Day.