'Face the Whole' (Detail) - Daehyun Kim/Moonassi (Pigment liner and marker on paper) illustration art

Sweden-based designer and illustrator Patrik Svensson, famous for his minimalist typography movie posters and book covers, presents a series of minimalist posters this time.

14 Clever Illustrations by Former Tram Driver

I love this print. "The way we met, it happened so fast," illustration based on a one-liner by Patrik Svensson.

Illustration for Ó! Fanzine on Behance

18 illustrators did some unique works so this could be possible and amazing! Also the illustrations will be for sale individually numbered and signed.

Daehyun Kim

chopping up pills - into powder. and then add to snort it? drink it? swallow it? bathe in it?

Foto + desenho de Hyakunya

I think that this abstract style of drawing over photographs is ver inspiring. I would like to experiment with maybe including this in a final design idea.

Karolis Strautniekas

The Illustrations of Karolis Strautniekas.The clever and beautifully done illustrations of Lithuanian artist Karolis Strautniekas are very easily admired. You can see many more of his illustrations.


Heartwarming Illustrations Show That Love Is In The Small Things

#Illustration by Laura Callaghan

by Laura Callaghan The bright warm reds are Emphasized in contrast to the cooler pink and blue tones which are Subordinate