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Aesthetically pleasing purple veggies! Five vegetables you didn’t know could be purple, like carrots, and how to cook them.

Benefits of Juicing Radishes

Benefits of Juicing Radishes

Benefits of Juicing Radishes. I prefer mine crunchy and chewable thanks, but still interesting.

heirloom tomatoes  for

Last week at the Farmers Market, I already saw some changes in produce, and realised that Summer was now coming to an end. Heirloom tomatoes such as these won’t be available for long, so I hope you…

Still life photo of pear and leaves on burlap and wood. Sometimes all you want for dessert is one perfect pear

Desserts for Breakfast: TGIF: Taiwan Market Scenes

I've got quite the little backlog of photos building up on my hard drive that I had forgotten until now about this set, from my Taiwan .

Local Radishes, Harmony Valley Farm

Local Radishes, Harmony Valley Farm

Cottage Charm ~ red & black

Cecilia Gilabert, "Still life on cherries and lace edging" Ripe cherries are a favorite fruit when in season. They are so lush here in this wonderful still life.