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Repin if you know who this is... >>> I've been on the internet too long...>>> I will forever know who this is!!!

Check out these beautifully minimalist Doctor Who book covers

The Beast of Babylon by Charlie Higson, starring Nine (Christopher Eccleston). These Minimal "Doctor Who" Book Covers Are Stunning

This is the BEST tumblr post in the history of Tumblr!

I declare a time war.

These Minimal "Doctor Who" Book Covers Are Stunning

These Minimal "Doctor Who" Book Covers Are Stunning

12 Doctors, 12 Stories features Doctor Who short stories from authors such as Eoin Colfer, Malorie Blackman and Neil Gaiman

Doctor Who Timeline

Check out this complete timeline of Doctor Who from 1963 to present including episodes, seasons, companions, villains, and more. A Fantastic resource for any Doctor Who fan.

Eight (Paul McGann)

Doctors, 12 stories, 12 <i>gorgeous</i> covers.

Doctor Who fans

The 12 Types of Doctor Who Fans. I'm 6 of them: Tennant Fan Girl, Christopher Eccelston Die Hard, Moffat Fan, Moffat Hater, Matt Smith fan and Capaldi Convert.

I cracked up so hard.... This is definitely going to be the video I show people to explain Doctor Who.

New to Who But Don't Want to Watch All the Seasons?

Doctor Who song spoof I practically died at the bit with the Daleks "I'm bullet proof, nothing to loose, fire away, fire away!" And the Doctor-Master love song. Pin now, watch later.

Doctor #6 • These Minimal "Doctor Who" Book Covers Are Stunning

These Minimal "Doctor Who" Book Covers Are Stunning

Doctor Who: 12 Doctors, 12 Stories minimalist paperback cover art - nothing minimal about Six, though

Making boys into men!

The Doctor Turns Boys Into Badasses -- They always had it in them, they just needed an opportunity to shine! Mickey the idiot and Rory the roman

April 23, Whovians! - Imgur @Yvonne I think you would appreciate this.

April 23, Whovians!