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I promised Gabe no more tattoos, but this ocean tattoo is simple and beautiful.

I love matching tattoos! It's just so hard to get the significant other to agree to get it. "Remind me that we'll always have each other, when everything else is gone" best friend tattoo.

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Tribal Hammerhead Shark Tattoo: In Hawaiian legend, the hammerhead shark is a protector or guardian against the man-eater, or the great white.

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Tiny elephant tattoo represents different things, from protection to justice. Small elephant head tattoos are generally placed on the back.

Waves mean strength and the power to conquer everything in front of them. I haven't liked most of the wave tattoos I've seen, but this one appeals to me

Palm tree tattoo foot girl small cute sand beach sea by Melinda Dodgens- Bailey

Palm tree tattoo foot girl small cute sand beach sea by donna. A palm tree is a symbol of Strength, "although it may bend, it will not break" Loveeee this so much!

This wave shape is by far my favorite

A Wave is symbolized as one of the strongest forces on earth. so strength for one. also if you read more into it, its about faith, a wave is you against mother nature, you cannot control it, you just have to put your faith into her

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fuckyeahtattoos: tattoo, on my right foot, done in Body Graphics tattoo shop in Temecula CA the day after Thanksgiving. The waves represent my parents and I, and my love of the ocean (marine biology major at UCSD~). I think it’s pretty rad.

Les vagues

30 tatouages inspirants à faire sur les côtes

Wave tattoo-- SUPER close to what I want mine to look like and similar location. looks awesome.

Wait I actually really love this idea and how simple it is Marks wants to retire in TN and I want to live on the ocean. I'll just get a tat of the ocean so I can be near it ;

Wave Tattoo Makai(Hawaiian directional term) meaning= towards the ocean #wavetattoo#ocean#mypassion this is cool I enjoy it

Wave Tattoo "Makai" (Hawaiian directional term) meaning= towards the ocean. Since my heart yearns for the ocean everyday then this is a tattoo meant for me!