neli: Quilling card /14.8 cm- 10.5 cm/

neli: Quilling card /14.8 cm- 10.5 cm/

*QUILLING ~ Tour Bumagoplastika White peacocks from Yuleny Bumagoplastika Photo Paper 1

With the permission of the author's diary Yulena I invite you to continue the tour in Seoul Paper Centre.

En Yeni Quilling Çalışmaları 59 -

Muy utiles como recuerdos, como regalos Al final, algunas figuras para crearlas Делала из полосок шириной 3 мм.

Last year I chased my dream and become a full-time paper artist, and now I am creating everyday!   Creating one thing takes about a day, sometimes less, sometimes much more. And I love bringing colour to people's lives.

I Quit My Hr Job To Create Paper Art (Part 2)

It is very scary to quit your secure and well-paid day job in order to pursue your dreams, but that is exactly what Turkish artist Sena Runa did last year