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Inuyasha Brasil

Hakudoshi looks like such an angel sleeping calmly next to Entei. Yeah, looks can be deceiving.

Jaken is an idiot hahaha but funny! XDDD

I just watched this episode about 30 minutes ago.

imagenes de inuyasha y aome | Fuentes de Información - inuyasha y aome

inuyasha y aome

Kagome on her bike and InuYasha in a cherry blossom tree - InuYasha Official Artwork

Found on Google from osmovies.wordpress.com

A family tree! Inu No Taisho & Irasue: Sesshomaru. Inu No Taisho & Izayoi: Inuyasha. 〖 Inuyasha Sesshomaru Sesshoumaru Izayoi Inu No Taisho mother father 〗

Burn em Anime: inuyasha

Yep <-- post is even better since inyuasha is in my top 5 fave animes :D: <--- I've been meaning to watch it for ages.

Our Hero

To be fair I think he was hiding form Sango though, and she could be pretty dang scary when she was pissed. That dang hiraikotsu was no joke man! Inuyasha Motivator by ~StarlightShymmer on deviantART

+SessKag+ Everyday Love 5 by

InuYahsa - Sesshoumaru & Kagome (YoukaiYume) I really dont ship it that much