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Green, soft orange

School had ended, the class had been dismissed, Alex didn't feel like leaving though. Instead she waited by the widow to watch the sunset, wondering what was at it's rim.

sleazeburger: “ Chinese Takeout by Signe Pierce ” - sleazeburger: Chinese Takeout by Signe Pierce

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a photo of a room painted pink with a white table decorated with a rose in a vase

favd_danielodowd-February 11 2016 at 05:01PM

his parents house burned down because his fathers anger got the best of him - alcohol and all. sean was abused, beaten badly and cut with knifes when bad. his mother never did a thing: in fear the same would happen to her.

visual-poetry: “ from the series »thoughts on romance from the road« by victoria crayhon ” Week 46: What is a writer? Going beyond the (movie) title. Taking time to make the movie in your own head. Shooting for clarity. Getting the picture straight....

visual-poetry: from the series »thoughts on...