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Hill reminds me of the new years night like 5 years ago bahahahaha


((Open w/ Theodosia)) "Where is it!" I said, a bit too loudly. As the librarian shushed me I nodded and ducked into an isle, accidentally knocking into you.

When the Rhoski's like something...

Fun Fact: I have genuinely considered going to Disneyland, which is full of feral cats, and stealing one

4. “Internet Explorer” :: What it usually means: A browser that has fallen out of favor in the past few years. || What it means to your parents: The only way to access the internet, preferably in IE6.

17 Tech Terms That Have A Different Meaning To Your Parents

I know this isn't timely anymore but I thought the Rick Perry unpopular opinion meme was hilarious!

7.3.15 - Hershey, PA @ Giant Center - Boys of Zummer

Fall Out Boy — - Hershey, PA @ Giant Center - Boys of.