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Buffy & Spike, Season 6 Tabula Rasa. A vampire with a soul, how lame is that?! :-)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy & Spike Season 6 Tabula Rasa < this is a hint at angel

We can really learn a lot from BTVS!!! The show was so often studied that they stopped counting after 200.

Which Pop Culture Property Do Academics Study the Most? - By Daniel Lametti, Aisha Harris, Natasha Geiling, and Natalie Matthews-Ramo

Pffffft! I forgot this part!

They did spend all those nights together in Xander's basement. <<< what happens in xanders basement stays in xanders basement

Joss is a monster

Have to watch to see if this is true. See even Sarah who plays Buffy thinks Angel and Buffy are soul mates! (She also had trouble getting through the break up scene in "The Prom" and production had to stop for almost a half hour)