Poster for The Puddle  By Andreas Gysin with Sidi Vanetti. Via Kathy Kavan.

Puddle Builder 03 [Processing] Used for the Posters and flyers for The Puddle (Stall Andreas Gysin with Sidi Vanetti created this Processing for the production of the rasters, eventually screen printed on coloured paper.

All walls and ceilings in this apartment are painted in apricot pink and sandy beige tones, while storage units and kitchen work surfaces are a blue-grey colour.

Note Design Studio rejects white in Stockholm apartment

Note Design Studio rejects white in renovated Stockholm apartment (Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio) via

Resultado de imagen de Anton Stankowski

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August 29 2017 at 06:00PM from topcat77

Max Huber (b. 1919 - d. Switzerland), "Geometria", Xilografia, Size: 36 x 36 cm.