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9 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Ferret

10 Important Tips for Caring for Ferrets

As pets, ferrets can be smart, funny, friendly and loyal. Rare is the person who doesn't smile after minute or two watching a ferret run around a room, uncontrollably curious about everything.


Ferrets are NOT rats or rodents; taxonomically they're in between cats and dogs, a little closer to dogs. **They're in the Suborder Caniformia friend, they are not related to cats- they even are susceptible to CANINE distemper.

Ferret, the truth about them

Ferret, the truth about them

Are people frightened by ferrets? How could you be frightened by something that looks and acts like a corgi-kitten-mouse?

A Ferret Named Weasel  by Carole Raschella, Los Angeles

"A Ferret Named Weasel" by Carole Raschella

Ferrets in sweaters make me smile.

Funny pictures about Ferrets wearing turtlenecks. Oh, and cool pics about Ferrets wearing turtlenecks. Also, Ferrets wearing turtlenecks photos.