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ArtStation - Songbird Whistler, Gear and Ammo Pickups, Chris Chaproniere

Choose your Vigor by johnnygreek989 on deviantART #Bioshock

This design is for a t-shirt contest with the theme: Bioshock. One of my favorite parts from Bioshock Infinite were the many cool and different vigors t. Choose your Vigor

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8 Bit And Beyond Art Show

A Slave Obeys - Created by Marie Bergeron Part of Bottleneck Gallery’s and Beyond 2 Show and available to purchase as a signed and numbered print at Bottleneck’s website.

The Concept Art Library

Poor souls encased in an unwieldy Autobody, the Handyman's suffering causes them to rage and attack anything they perceive as a threat.

Bioshock Infinite: Undertow Vigor

Bioshock Infinite: Undertow Vigor

Concept art for BioShock Infinite. How to Add Your Own To upload BioShock Infinite Concept Art, visit Special:Upload., When uploading them, remember to add a category in the summary box., Add images to pages using [[File:Filename.

I don't know what a sky-hook is - but I want it :) <---WHO HASN'T PLAYED BIOSHOCK BEFORE?! I want.

I don't know what a sky-hook is - but I want it :) <---Someone is missing out.