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Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero - CovalentNews.com

Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero - CovalentNews.com

Stone Sour Absolute Zero Music Video - http://www.tunescope.com/videos/stone-sour-absolute-zero-music-video/

Absolute Zero music video for the song from House of Gold & Bones - Part the fourth studio LP by American alternative metal band Stone Sour. The record

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Gone Sovereign / Absolute Zero by Stone Sour

Stone Sour~~Tired~~This their latest album duo 'The House of Gold & Bones~~Love it!

Absolute Zero Is The Coolest

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2-meter wide iron meteorite dubbed "Lebanon," as imaged by Curiosity's ChemCam and Mastcam on May 25, 2014

This rock encountered by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is an iron meteorite called 'Lebanon,' similar in shape and luster to iron meteorites found on Mars by the previous generation of rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.

You can stream two new Stone Sour songs “Gone Sovereign” and “Absolute Zero” below. Their new album ‘House of Gold & Bones – Part 1‘ is due out October 23rd.

You can stream two new Stone Sour songs “Gone Sovereign” and “Absolute Zero” below. Their new album ‘House of Gold & Bones – Part is due out October

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