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DIY, Daily makeup brush cleaner - between the regular soap and water BIG clean.   Use this: One part alcohol (91%) One part water A few drops of essential oil (for a nicer smell)  Spray your dirty brush, wipe the brush on a paper towel until it's clean. Dries  quickly because of the alcohol.  Remember - this does NOT replace regular cleanings with soap and water!

DIY, Daily makeup brush cleaner - between the regular soap and water BIG clean…

Is your hair damaged from harsh chemical hair color? Get softer, shinier, more…

Our radiant hair color is crafted in Italy with ingredients you can feel good about. Take our color quiz to find the perfect color for you.

Time for a little honest confession: I am stuck in hibernation mode. If I owned up to how many nights...

Dry Brushing for Beginners (Beauty Bets)

10 BEST ORGANIC MASCARA OPTIONS ON THE MARKET!  When we say all things mascara, we bring you a list of #organic #mascara options too! And those that make our 10 BEST ORGANIC ones based on the mascara ingredients and are considered paraben free cosmetics! Find out why Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara makes the list and what other organic mascara brands make the list too!

10 Best Organic Mascara Options On The Market!

Fat Brush Mascara

Fat Brush Mascara

Eyeko Mascara, Cruelty Free, Brushes, Masks

Use coconut oil as lip balm

All About Coconut Oil - Steven and Chris

Coconut oil just keeps increasing in popularity, and rightfully so. This wonderful oil has so many different uses it's no wonder that people are catching on. Here nutritionist Joy McCarthy shares her favourite uses for coconut oil.