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Trying To Make Others Smile - Life Quote

Trying To Make Others Smile - Life Quote

The people experiencing the most pain tend to be the ones who are always trying to make others smile.

Going to take the world by the balls this summer.

I Am Stronger,Wiser,And Happier.this last hard time is coming to and end and I will be stronger than I was before

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I had many people lie to me Russell was the worst he lied by with holding the truth which is still lying. He caused me a lot of pain never again

Trust yourself. Take chances. Lose and find special people. Value memories. Learn from your mistakes. Accept that people will change.

Life is about trusting yourself and your feelings. Not being afraid to take chances. It's about losing and finding special people and learning to value all the memories you have, good or bad. Learning from the mistakes you make and accepting that certain.

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Just because I'm not talking, doesn't mean that I'm in a bad mood. Sometimes I just like to be quiet.

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"I WISH" – is a candid poem that reveals some of the innermost thoughts of a person that suffers from depression and anxiety from Kyli Santiago's poetry book.

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Why can't all ADULTS do this? There are some I know/knew who are cowards like this, they talk to everyone but you. I have/had one that told out right lies.seriously, how old are you?


one of my all time favorite quotes - power of touch smile kind word listening ear honest compliment smallest act of caring potential to turn a life around leo buscaglia

I became really good at this at a point in my life. Definitely not the way to be embrace the pain embrace your hurt embrace you faults and grow...nobody said you had to be that person. Think about it...

don't protect your heart like you don't have one. Too bad some people are so broken they don't understand this


There is a way of allowing that friendship to move into the past without holding hate or hurt against that person. Firstly, you must realise that some friendships fade with time.

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