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Tom Hardy  It took a while but this fellow has grown on me. Plus his birthday is 2 days before mine & we are the same age! SWOON @Eugenia Berg

THAT is a beautiful man.& that mouth, geez! It's gorgeous perfection!

Making a new Passport, Tom?

Tom Hardy, and boom Im pregnant again.please, carry on with what you were doing.

[ all the favorites: brow porn, neck beard, tat peeking, toothpick. you know, the essentials ]

eamesismydaddy: all the favorites: brow porn, neck beard, tat peeking out of shirt. Annnnnnnnnnnd I came

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My favourite photos of the beautiful Tom Hardy.

Is Tom Hardy becoming sexier over time?

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

hahah best part of the movie!!! Rocknrolla

Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy.two of my favorite men :) :)


Tom Hardy pic from This Means War interview

Tom Hardy...I kinda like the slicked back hair.❤

That slicked back hair ♥

i cant even handle this. I cant. I mean. seriously?

Here Are 8 Photos Of A Very Scruffy Tom Hardy awesome beard

Tom Hardy smiling and laughing gif ❤❤❤ Adorable

Tom Hardy smiling gif ❤❤❤ My love for this man knows no bounds.

Ain't even funny he that damn sexy

Tom in a suit.

#fabulousTomHardy ([ there can’t be enough of this ])

and now a wonderfully adorable montage of slicked-back-hair, white shirt wearing tom.

Most beautiful man in the world.    Flawless

This means war

tom hardy - Umm, yes please ;

Tom Tris