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The Titanic (left) and the Olympic (right) are shown here under construction in Harland and Wolff's shipyard, Belfast, Northern Ireland, sometime between 1909 and 1911. The White Star Line's Olympic-class ships, of which Titanic was the largest, boasted unparalleled size and luxury.

The White Star luxury liners Titanic (left) and Olympic under construction at the Harland & Wolff shipyard, Belfast.

Last known picture of the RMS Titanic.

April "Titanic" leaves Queenstown, Ireland and sets sail for New York. Thought to be the last photograph of "Titanic"

Titanic twee hoofdmotoren bijna voltooid in de motor werkt oprichten winkel, mei 1911 Foto © National Museums Northern Ireland Collection Harland & Wolff, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

30 years since the discovery of the Titanic: What was found in the wreckage?

Titanic, two main engines near completion in engine works erecting shop

Titanic Wreck, The RMS Titanic Shipwreck, Titanic Wreckage Pictures Map Location Site

Titanic Wreck, The RMS Titanic Shipwreck, Titanic Wreckage Pictures Map Location Site RMS Titanic

Titanic at the fitters quay with her three functioning funnels installed. The fourth dummy funnel was added to make the ship look more impressive.


Two of Titanic's engines lie exposed in a gaping cross section of the stern. Draped in "rusticles"--orange stalactites created by iron-eating bacteria--these massive structures, four stories tall, once powered the largest moving man-made object on Earth.


Today, the Titanic rests, disintegrating at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately feet below the water’s surface.Take a look at a collection of amazing underwater images of the ship

A 1912 photograph of a dining room on the Titanic.

A 1912 photograph of a dining room on the Titanic. The ship was designed to be the last word in comfort and luxury, with an on-board gymnasium, swimming pool, libraries, high-class restaurants and opulent cabins.

Titanic was the biggest ship in the world before it sank. Let's take a look at rare black and white construction pictures of most popular ship.

Survivors from the Titanic being lifted aboard the Carpathia, April 15, 1912. ☀

20 Rare Historical Photos (history, rare, photos, war, past) These are Titanic survivors boarding the Carpathia in - ODDEE

Smoking room for gentlemen. Men could reach the room throughout the day, but especially after dinner. As the ladies room,it was decorated in Georgian style, with large panels of dark mahogany and inlaid with mother of pearl. To decorate the room, there were also large stained glass windows artificially lit, while the windows that looked out onto the open deck were decorated with scenes of ports around the world.

Titanic interior: Gentlemen's First Class smoking room. After dinner, the men would repair to this room to smoke and discuss politics over snifters of brandy and cognac. Make it a smaller and call it the drinking room, other than that's it's perfect.

El Titanic{info+img+videos}El barco mas famoso del mundo.

El Titanic{info+img+videos}El barco mas famoso del mundo.

RMS Titanic (Royal Mail Steamer "Titanic", sometimes known as SS Titanic) was one of the three.


100 years ago the big T sinks --- RMS Titanic Fr. Browne's photograph of the RMS Titanic at Cobh, Irelend is the last photo of the Titanic before it sank.