Casa G / Francesco Librizzi Studio

Sicilian Story: Casa G by Francesco Librizzi Studios

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nope that's a ladder."This metal staircase, designed by Francesco Librizzi Studio, sits in House C, a house in Milan that still has many original details. The staircase takes up little space in the small room and leads to a loft-like sleeping area.

La prima volta che ho visto le scale di  Francesco Librizzi  sono rimasta a dir poco affascinata. Ho subito capito quanto la parola sca...

For a Sicilian house named “Casa G.”, the Francesco Librizzi Studio wanted to connect a floor to the roof by a floating staircase in the air.

La scala sospesa termina sulla panca-divano che corre lungo la facciata anteriore del loft e che incorpora dei pratici cassetti. Design Haptic Architects

Haptic Architects - In order to maintain an open space, yet still create a slight divide in the Idunsgate apartment in Oslo, Haptic architects placed a suspended steel.

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A community project in Golden Gate Heights, San Francisco to decorate a 163 step stairway with mosaic tiles.