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FaceBook is the most appalling spying machine ever invented

Wow: Julian Assange Just Delivered the Next Batch of Emails! She’s Toast!

When you hear Rhodes Scholar, think new world order... aka Marxism.  Thank you Mel Gibson

When you hear Rhodes Scholar, think new world order. Thank you Mel Gibson

Wise Words from Patrick Henry

Virginia lawyer and politician Patrick Henry was one of the leading figures of the American Revolutionary period.

He must be Democrat!  HOORAY FOR HIM & HIS EMPLOYEES!

Hillary's pals on Wall St. don't want Costco workers having benefits or earning a decent wage.she felt the same about Walmart workers making slave wages when she served on the Board of Directors of Walmart.Wake the hell up and support Bernie Sanders !

Safari Financial Interesting Fact

Stories about Steve Jobs - WTF fun facts


Senator Ted Cruz: Reid Tables Bill to Fund Government, Refuses to Come to Table with Republicans

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Millions to be KILLED under Agenda 21! - http://www.obamanewsreport.com/millions-to-be-killed-under-agenda-21/

Agenda 21 is here and of the world population will be eliminated under it. Henry Lamb and Michael Coffman expose! For starters, you .

Jimmy Carter

“And now time for Your Occasional Dose of Wisdom™ with President Jimmy Carter.