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Too funny


It's funny because Ballew (my physics teacher) was coughing and he goes, "I'm dying!" And my boyfriend just says, "aren't we all? i can't stop laughing!


IF I AM FAMOUS I WILL DO THIS. And also fangirl over myself with other fangirls on random websites, then skype the friends I made and laugh like a maniac and why aren't there famous people that do this.

Somehow that makes perfect sense

Goddammit satan I was having a good time u know I hate mayonnaise and stop pretending to be seaweed ur rlly creepy.


All I can think of is the post about the kid who accidentally kicked the ceiling, got detention, but got out of it with a get out of jail free card.<<the part where the shoe falls on the ceiling tile

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Tea you later

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Well demons know the Bible better than most humans so that does explain the high-ish score

I need to try this

This is almost certainly a Supernatural or Vampire Diaries reference that I'm not getting because I haven't seen them, but it would still be hilarious <----- I'm pretty sure it's a Doctor Who reference, since the Doctor was 1206 at one point