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Luffy, Law, cute, yaoi, comic, jacket, sleeping; One Piece

Law and Luffy // This is honestly so perfect, this puts a smile on my face. The others probably don't understand what happaned

law, luffy, nami -one piece  Lol laws face in the lat panel!

law, luffy, nami -one piece Lol laws face in the last panel! ----- I'm Luffy in so many situations

พยายามเข้าป๋า ประตูก็มีนะป๋านะ

I love how his hook is just casually stabbed into the newspaper while Doflamingo is pressing his face on the window. One piece

Law is so adorable and precious.

This day is Birthday of Trafalgar Law! Happy Birthday for my favorite character of OnePiece >///< HBD LAW

Donquixote Rocinante, Trafalgar Law, Donquixote Doflamingo

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