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With these running around, I don't know what's more dangerous. The fallout that occurred previously or them!

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The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor by Deviant Art "Plague doctor done in charcoal. Took about an hour and a half, but most of it was just adding charcoal.

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My Plague Doctor outfit from last Halloween. Some of it specifically made by me: the mask, baby coffin, voodoo dolls and various other trinkets on my ba.

female plague doctor costume - Google Search

The walking cane, trench, pirate hat, gloves. even the mask though I think that might be the accessory Chanel might advise doing without.

Plague Doctor Ornament:

In times of plague, specialist doctors were employed to treat the sick. Many wore a protective costume consisting of leather robes, hat, and gloves, and a distinctive mask with a bird-like beak and go