Negative space is one of the most powerful tools designers have up their sleeves. It can be used to direct a viewer’s focus, create balance, and when used correctly, it can make you look like a design genius.

20 Creative Negative Space Design Inspiration

I like the use of negative space in this image to best convey the idea behind it. Not to mention it makes the text look interesting. <<Negative space in graphic design is a whole other art form all it's own>>

Recopilación de logos de alta calidad

Recopilación de logos de alta calidad

Type, type & even more type

Typography inspiration

Great 'White Space' - Notice how some lettering appears in negative space, but not all of it. When you look a second time, some of those letters suddenly reverse into positive space.

Image via We Heart It #balance #fall #letters #minimalism #risk #text #white

this uses mostly embellishment to reinforce the idea of balance. the designer just added a simple live on top of the a to create the idea of balance.

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Today we are collecting 22 Cleaver Negative Space Logo design. We will be glad if you like it and if it has a beneficial impact on your inspiration and creativity.

32 logos “Negative space“ |

32 logos “Negative space“

50 Mesmerising Designs That Make The Most Of Negative Space

50 Mesmerising Designs That Make The Most Of Negative Space

Space logo - 50 Mesmerising-Designs that make the Most of Negative Space

Brand New: Style Finally Looks Stylish

I love seeing how designers modified an existing typeface. (by Gretel). Should you require Fashion Styling Advice

圖地反轉 - Google 搜尋

I just love negative space illustration. Peter and the Wolf Phoebe Morris Illustration

Premade photography logo design & watermark - vintage logo design - graphic design

Another clever typography logo, the letters look like they are taking a turn, going in different directions.

Negative space by Benjamin ALAZET

negative space NEGATIVE Shark Week: Illustrations : Espace négatif / Negative space by Benjamin ALAZET, via Behance