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Incredible “The Killing Joke” Joker Cosplay

So many Jokers out there in the cosplay world, but we think this one, based on the critically acclaimed comic 'The Killing Joke,' is fantastic.

Marvel has loads of amazing characters to choose from, and as the MCU gets more and more expansive, there are even more variations on the characters we love for cosplayers to choose from. And there are tons of ways cosplayers can recreate their favorite characters apart from a straightforward cosplay, including genre mashups, unique perspectives on the characters, and gender swapping. You could lose hours of your life searching through the amazing Marvel cosplay out there, so to save you…

Captain Stephanie Rogers And The Gender-Swapped Marvel Heroes Will Make You A True Believer

Fem Thor and Loki cosplay- I love that they are covered up! I'd actually wear these!<=== thank you someone actually agrees that there are too many revealing Fem Thor and Loki cosplayers. Aside from that best genderbent cosplay I've seen if the two

Joker cosplay

creepy big mouth joker clown face makeup for 2015 Halloween - red eyes, costume - 2015 Halloween makeup ideas by

Best Joker cosplay ever. Tony Misiano. https://www.facebook.com/HarleysJoker

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Act 2 Elphaba cosplay

Act 2 Elphaba cosplay

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Dynamite Webber Cosplay in his amazing New 52 Nightwing suit and our mask. Photo by JustCoz Photography

Dynamite Webber Cosplay in his amazing New 52 Nightwing suit and our mask. Photo by JustCoz Photography

Character: Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) / From: Warner Bros. Interactive…

Deathstroke cosplay, from San Diego Comic Con I will destroy EVERYTHING you hold dear until it is all but ashes. Loved Manu as Deathstroke, he was intense.

Huntress and the Question (though I don't remember him actually being part of the team outside of Justice League Unlimited) http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/227/c/f/question___answer_by_gillykins-d5b79q3.jpg

Characters: The Question & Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) / From: DC Comics / Cosplayers: Josh as The Question & Gillian Owen (aka GillyKins) as The Huntress