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Zero by lulu-berlu.deviantart.com

is the playable Assassin class character in Borderlands was revealed on February.

Hyperion Announcement by inklou

I just LOVE this art style. It is the perfect way to balance realism and stylised art together in a fluid manner. I will definitely hone in on this style type now.

Maliwan Elegance Zer0 - Borderlands 2 Wiki Guide - IGN

Maliwan Elegance - Borderlands Maliwan Elegance is a Skin for the Assassin class.

Borderlands. Zer0.

So far the only class I have played in Borderlands I tend to like the snipers in FPS games lately.

If video games were like real life - Imgur

Life as a video game

I was just talking about this with my friend last night! Let's not forget: Questions Items. They cannot be dropped xD

tumblr_nd4ry4C76a1rxd5pto1_500.jpg (imagem JPEG, 500 × 584 pixels)

tumblr_nd4ry4C76a1rxd5pto1_500.jpg (imagem JPEG, 500 × 584 pixels)


Mordecai by PrincessBloodyMary Borderlands postapocalypse desert scavenger…

Meanwhile at Valve Headquarters

Meanwhile at Valve Headquarters. I don't even play Portal and I want this.

new pesadilla by ~ptitvinc on deviantART

new pesadilla by *ptitvinc # cyberpunk, robot girl, cyborg, futuristic, android…

"Someone Get an Engineer" by ~tribute27 on deviantART - Portal and Team Fortress 2 mashup

Someone Get an Engineer by on deviantART - Portal and Team Fortress 2 mashup

How to pick the perfect video game.

"How to Pick the Perfect Video Game" Infographic. Trying to decide on a game? Use this handy gaming flow chart.