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And it was all Yellow

- yellow Coldplay just happens to be a great band. The song yellow just happens to be amazing. Yellow just happens to my favorite color. Funny how that works out.

The Ballad of Dorothy Parker

"Oh the streets you’re walking on, A thousand houses long, Well that’s where I belong And you belong with me Not swallowed in the sea" - Coldplay

The Scientist - Coldplay, lyrics. Tommy.:) He's learning to play this on his piano and im singing it. One of our songs.:)

The Scientist - Coldplay. I promise I'm being totally sincere and unironic when I say that this is probably my favorite Coldplay song

"You are the nighttime fear, you are the morning when it's clear, when it's over your the start, you're my head and you're my heart." No Light, No Light - Florence + the Machine