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basement hq

This hi-res battle map was originally created as part of a set of encounter maps for the adventure Steading of the Hill Giant Chief from issue of Dungeon Magazine

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[Sunday Map] Kevin Campbell’s Classic Dungeon Level 1

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Map Level 1 - Dungeonaday.com

Perhaps few people play megadungeons, but my look at the era when megadungeons ruled Dungeons & Dragons and why few people play them anymore revealed great interest in vast underworlds.

ReQuasqueton (with grid)

[Tuesday Map] ReQuasqueton

Sometimes you find inspiration in another map. Initially I started drawing this map based only on three corridors, and somewhere along the way I realized that it was starting to feel like Quasqueto…

Inked Adventures Dungeon Sections : Photo

Another map using my hand drawn geomorph designs. (Filter from Photoforge) Inked Adventures: [link] Small Dungeon Level.