This is my entry for the Halloween contest holded by And who said that all the witches are ugly, uh! I tried to change a little the skin but then i noti.

Heye Pussel: Vertical Puzzle, Favole, Pentagram by Victoria Frances 2000

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Witches for fans of Victoria Francés images.

dark art / mourning / Victoria frances

A story is held within the picture, a moment frozen in time. Breath Taking art piece. One doesn't one to THINK about the ammount of time Victoria Frances has put in this painting, so many different shades of black and grey.

Resultado de imagen de victoria frances

Victoria Frances (Real Photo) I love how they did that photo-shoot of her like…

m Vampire Impossible Picture Xavier Delacroix, Dracula's favored Member of the Vampire Order. - The Dark World: Book 1 by S.

So guess what I'm done with a bunch cowderly men sneaking around the wholeness of it all for years pointing their fingers and whispering intentions n intent to cover all their own little asses and their drugged up fucked up hate 1969-1976 then dragging everyone they could into it all. While I am to what be your fantasy and your scapegoat.

I am darkness incarnet I am a force to be reckoned with Know thy power and tremble before me