Summer fun with edible flowers

Homestead Survival: Foraging For Food In Your Flower Bed. My Mother wants flowers in the front beds. I want food.

Remember the sweet taste of Honeysuckle when you were little? Love this edible wild plant that grows predominantly in Northeast United States. Click the picture to learn more about this wild edible.

Honeysuckle Flower (Jin Yin Hua): Used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat the flu ~ fever, yellow nasal congestion, & cough/sore throat.

Honeysuckle Vine-We all tend to recognize the honeysuckle fragrance, and that amazing nectar taste just ends up being very distinct and impressive. It’s important to note that the honeysuckle plants are tolerant of heat and they do tend to be visually enticing.

The Best Types of Honeysuckle Vines and How To Grow It In The Garden

honeysuckle again

honeysuckle again

Clematis 'Amber' is a new gorgeous variety.

Double flowered yellow clematis called Amber - Plant of the year, Chelsea Flower show 2016

Honeysuckles are beautiful

Honeysuckle Flower – Sweet Nectar To Eat

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Honeysuckle is another great pick if you want to bring butterflies into your yard. This easy-care vine doesn't grow quite as large or rampantly as trumpet vine, so it's a good pick for smaller-space gardens. The tube-shaped flowers appear in summer in shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Stop to smell the flowers! Honeysuckles always evoke sweet summer time memories for me. Loved to pull the flower and suck the nectar out of them, mmmm, mmm, summer time.