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Risultati immagini per 3D Carver CMT

Risultati immagini per Carver CMT

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/230528441/jurassic-world-inspired-tyrannosaurus

clementinesaturn: “ digg: “ T-Rex skull shower heads justify the existence of printers. ” I need this.

Dubaï impression 3D

Bientôt des bâtiments entièrement imprimés en 3D à Dubaï

World’s First Printed Office Building, Complete With Printed Furniture & Interior To Be Built in Dubai

3ders.org - French startup 3D prints your furniture using large-scale 3D printer | 3D Printer News  3D Printing News

The company behind it, French startup Drawn, has launched its own line of printed furniture showing off its excellence technical know-how, aiming to inspire everyone to design and make their own furniture.

MetalFAB1 3d-printer Red Dot 2016

Additive Industries presents in North America! Additive Industries introduces their first industrial metal printing system at RAPID in Orlando At RAPID North America’s

CG Garden - animation still frame #0041 by Marek Denko | 3D | CGSociety

render CG Garden - animation still frame Marek Denko

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9 incredible pod homes to help you win at off-grid living

3D Printed Lighting. inspirational 3d printing

This lamp design combines printing with glass marbles (inserted post printing) to give an interesting final effect.


architecture firm WATG has won first prize in a competition to conceive the world’s first freeform printed house.