"Nelson foreshortened" - sharpie & charcoal on newspaper and cardboard - Cindy Brunk

"Nelson foreshortened" - sharpie & charcoal on newspaper and cardboard - Cindy Brunk

Sir John Lawes Art Faculty: Lorraine Shemesh Swimming Pool Paintings

Artist: Lorraine Shemesh, realist {contemporary figurative barefoot couple in swimsuits foreshortening underwater refraction distortion}

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Lori Stevens Artist: ~~PVHS 2011 Advanced Placement Projects~~ ____ Nice perspective and linework- though not really what Im looking at, but something to work on never the less.

Une étude sur le bouleau  -  B. Alexis (31 mars 2015)

draw outside, given brown paper and only black and white charcoal pencils. that's cool, I love looking up a beautiful tree

Shoes perspective

These shoes seem to have been around forever & although they are associated with numerous stereotypes today, I will always love my all stars! still life, drawn with a .

*do not show article to kids- inappropriate side images.  save for ideas for Cardboard art

Cardboard Art

Fred Hatt

People: Monumental Heads These portraits are all 70 x 50 cm, By Fred Hatt. An example of LINE used to suggested TEXTURE and COLOUR. Drawn with aquarelle crayons, working directly from life, using a scale larger than life - lead on from dice game?