Sergey Makhno’s Office and Showroom | Amazing eclectic design studio and showroom belonging to Kiev, Ukraine – based Sergey Makhno.

HPAC: idea for float/swing space This is the office and showroom of the architectural firm Sergey Makhno. It is located in Kiev, Ukraine

Sergey Makhno's Office and Showroom

Office and showroom of architectural workshop Sergey Makhno, Kyiv city, 2014 - Sergey Makhno Architect


Office space as an extension of a wall shelving unit vs. my feng shui fears of having my back exposed? Office space as an extension of a wall shelving unit…

Lagranja ha diseñado la sede de Typeform, una start-up barcelonesa que está revolucionando las encuestas en Internet.

in barcelona, studio lagranja have created an airy, plant-filled office space for start-up 'typeform', based on ideals of fresh air and free mobility.


The Bold Collective has designed the new offices of housing company Porter Davis located in Melbourne, Australia. Porter Davis believes that that people’s homes are the ultimate expression of who…


Construction company Porter Davis is radically overhauling its workplace with the help of a former US forensic detective and prisons expert.