paul atreides by agrbrod dune

Another favorite universe This work is compilation of my vision and concepts based on w.

dune stillsuit concept - Google Search

dune stillsuit concept - Google Search

ArtStation - DUNE stillsuit concept, Nikolay Asparuhov

"DUNE stillsuit concept" by Nikolay Asparuhov

A Fremen by arunion on DeviantArt

a fremen by arunion

Just made this today, it stemmed from a simple desire to sketch how the stillsuits looked in my mind. I've been reading the book lately.

deviantART: More Like Dune : Miles Teg and Murbella by zazB

Here's an HP Model I made for the Helix character from Lawbreakers.  Check it out at

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DUNE Leto concepts by NikolayAsparuhov on DeviantArt

Personal concepts of costume variations for the character Duke Leto from the book Dune. Final concept art for the character: nikolayasparuhov.

Dune stillsuit art

Devon Cady-Lee

"Dune - Fedaykin Death Commandos" by Gorrem (Devon Cady-Lee)

Dune Complete by Llewxam888 on DeviantArt

Dune Complete by on DeviantArt

dune chani - Поиск в Google

dune chani - Поиск в Google

Mentat Assassassin - quick sketch for #inktober Shooting for a month of Dune inspired ink.

Dune sci-fi concept artwork illustration by Tom Kraky.

tumblr_nwefa9DxE61qerzi2o1_500.jpg (500×266)

“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.” - Frank Herbert, Dune Wrapped and edited my series of Dune designs based on Frank Herbert’s epic novel. This book really.

Stillsuits - Behind The Scenes - Arrakis - Dune

Mark Siegel, Jerry Goodman and Bill Bryan contributed to the methodology of the stillsuits featured in David Lynchs DUNE.

Fremen character Chani, from Frank Herbert's "Dune" by Michael Stribling

warrior woman of the Fremen people. Read "Dune," by Frank Herbert. Chani, Daughter of Arrakis

Design practice (futuristic), Marko Horvatin on ArtStation at

SciFi is definitely not my strong suite, but I do know a thing or two about fashion design so.

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