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Hetalia chess costumes by Nokaku

Zerochan anime image gallery for Axis Powers: Hetalia, Fanart.

Hetalia Chessverse/Chesstalia-    Black Chesstalia:   Italy (Black King), Germany (Black Rook), Japan (Black Bishop), Hungary (Black Queen), Austria (Black Knight).   (source: Chess Hetalia Thread - Cosplay.com) Axis powers + Hungary

Hetalia Chessverse/Chesstalia- Black Chesstalia King) Hungary looking spot on and she's on fleek like dayum

Axis Powers Hetalia-Cardverse/Cardtalia AU

"The Chronicles of Suits" (ACES) - 右近+左近 - Hetalia - Russia (Ivan Braginski)

Hetalia characters taking up the roles of chess pieces | Hong Kong the Bishop and Taiwan the Queen-Chessverse/Chesstalia (source: Chess Hetalia Thread - Cosplay.com)

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Hetalia Characters and their costumes. They look really cool. I especially love icelands and hong kongs.

Hetalia Characters and their costumes. I especially love icelands and hong kongs.>>>BUT ROMA