America and Canada :) ---- but actually Canada is older-his birthday is July 1 and Al's b-day is July 4 obviously

America, I completely understand you. My younger sister is taller than me

Hetalia Chibi Canada by banafria

Hetalia: Gifts & Merchandise

precious baby cinnamon rolls hetalia - Google Search

Hetalia Redraw- Hetalia characters are cuter in fanart. Sorry, Studio Deen.<i think they are perfect the way they are<<< same

O my god this is so cute! I love Canada I love Harry Potter and I love that crossover and it´s just perfect!

The Patronuses by Patychan on DeviantArt - hetalia x harry potter crossover - Canada

Canada so cute!!! <<< His face says, "America I'm going to ^%&%ing kill you."

Canada so cute! <<< His face says, "America I'm going to ^%&%ing kill you."<<< Wasn't he on the phone with England

Sometimes I feel like Matthew

I wouldn't say they hate Alfred. But nobody could hate Matthew!<<< true but if he was as loud and pumped up as al people would probably be a bit annoyed

Canadaaaaa! <3

Canda and America ONCE AGAIN! APH Canada and America 4

They both have the long-term memories of a bottle of maple syrup when it comes to remembering each other's names

Do not hate me for this, bet i have stopped feeling bad for canada. He is kind of creepy. he was raised by france.

Oh how the tables have been switched

Canada and America, Hetalia Fan Art - lol. Yes, Tim Horton's is fast food. No, it's not THAT kind of fast food.<<<The foods at Tims are soups and buns and sandwiches.