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go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little puggie

I say basically that same thing to my pugs sometimes! Except it's "Sleep tight, don't let the bed pug bugs bite!


oh my pugness! look at the way he is sitting.just kills me when they sit like grasshoppers:).love our pugs

What happens when you watch too much football - I told my husband now maybe he will believe me.

Awww I just love a baby pug and those fish eyes about to pop out of their head lol also love his green and gold

But look at that face!

We need this sign for Gizmo. Little fatty. her face.

Pug Art                                                       … …

Rainbow Pug On Grey Canvas Art Print by Michael Tompsett

Pug door knocker. Wrinkly pug face looks like a fun thing to sculpt

Oh Yea Roo want this for our front door. Pug Door Knocker Fine Art Cast Bronze signed and numbered

Pugs are my world. Allison Eberle via Vicki Baumer onto My Pug girlies, Leela and Sami xoxox

This is so true! I love my Emma and she definitely loves her Momma!

Super Pug!

It's a snorting Roomba Faster than a speeding turtle, able to leap on laps (when caught) in a single bound; it's a boar, it's a snorting Roomba - NO - It's SUPER PUG!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania pug graphic

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania pug graphic

Stops to smell the flowers *sniff sniff* *pug sneeze*