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OMG I love Pax's eyes. Actually I just like all of him. Even his personality is so sassy and snarky...  -- Satan and Me

"You have reached the Pleasure Palace. If you can't talk dirty, get off the phone" - Satan and Me

Here It Comes by Orangeplum

Here It Comes by Orangeplum

Bonus Comic - image

Satan and Me :: Bonus Comic

Prologue - image

Satan and Me :: Prologue

Satan and Me

Here are a couple requests I got for the expression meme a few days ago. Thank you for the responses!

Satan and Me — Satan

Satan and Me — Proud or angry

Satan and Me :: Evens and Odds | Tapas

A screw-up in a feminine hygiene factory leads to a girl accidentally summoning Satan with her period. Now Satan is stuck tending to the whims of a girl.

Satan and Me

ugh sorry Natalie McAllister from the Satan and Me webcomic, set right.