Vogue UK, Nov. 1944 -- "As we go to press, the Collections are being shown in Paris – the first free demonstrations of the couture since 1940." The theatre is also set for a peacetime resurgence, with Gielgud's production of Hamlet expected to make theatrical history.

I was recently inclined to look through old Vogue magazines in my apartment, because Vogue has hit a new milestone this month.) This month Vogue Magazine has finally declared that Asian Woman are.

Vogue Paris 1958 March Spring Collections (Christian Dior by Yves Saint Laurent)

Vogue Paris 1958 Yves Saint-Laurent succeeds Christian Dior photography by William Klein — vintage magazine

Vogue Magazine Cover Archive (Vogue.com UK) january 1944.

January Editor: Audrey Withers: The issue features an interview with legendary Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw as he mourns his beloved wife Colleen.