Giraffe & Calf in Tanzania

Giraffe & Calf in Tanzania. The Ellen show recomends Grumeti Reserve in Tanzania AFRICA!


Necking Giraffes by Christopher R. Gray* whilst I was in Botswana this summer, at one point we were able to see three pairs of males fighting like this. It was truly amazing!

Giraffe - after listening to Bishop T D Jakes regarding instinct I want to only travel with Giraffes. I'm leaving turtles alone.

Masai Giraffe at sunset - Masai Mara, Kenya The colors in this picture are all natural. It was taken minutes before an extremely gorgeous, red sunset.

Most people have some pretty vague ideas about what evolution is, but most of us don’t really know how evolution actually happens. (Some people even claim evolution isn’t real, but that’s about as …

How does evolution work?

Since the blood pressure of a giraffe is so high, its heart naturally is larger than any other animals. Based on the research, the heart of a giraffe is 26 lbs on average.


Animals in Etosha National Park, Namibia (learning run long legs always pays off giraf safari photo trip africa wildlife) - a photo by IngridVekemans

ragamuffins: Giraffe Family, Mother and Child

Speaking of Giraffes, I have been commissioned to knit a newborn sweater with Giraffes on it. Older sister of baby to be, loves Giraffes so the sweater will bring the 12 year old closer to the new baby.

OK. That's enough. We can't handle anymore growing from this little (BIG) girl.

We can't handle anymore growing from this little (BIG) giraffe girl.