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My Darling Rainbow

Harajuku Dolly Girls’ Vintage Dresses & Floral Tattoos

Cute Dolly girls in vintage dresses & ruffled socks with nail art & colorful tattoos.

Cult party Kei

Beautiful vintage, antique, and Japanese Dolly Kei fashion on display at the Grimoire Tokyo anniversary party - more than 150 exclusive pictures!

Dolly Kei / Cult Party

Dolly Girls in Cotton & Lace w/ Rocking Horse Shoes


Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo. Floppy ear and all.

Grown-up women dressing up like little girls or dolls and looking like them, think its sick & very bizarre ~ Sweet lolita. Japanese street fashion... Dolly & Cult Party Styles

Dolly kei (or dolly style/fashion) and Cult Party Kei are both japanese fashion inspired by vintage, used clothes of eastern Europe, fairy tales and others whimsical things.

tumblr_mrqhn31PpC1sg0bczo1_500.jpg (500×750)

Original pinner called this "cult party kei." Real talk: The people in my neighborhood that belong to a cult do not dress this cute.

cult party kei

Galaxy Girl / / The life of a Style Space Cadet: Spring style inspiration- Otsuka Etsuna

Designer: Etsuna Otsuka

Designer: Etsuna Otsuka I need all of these dresses, or at the very least the three in the center.

Tokyo street fashion

From Mode to Lolita, the 100 coolest Harajuku looks of 2012