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0系 新幹線電車 運行路線 :東海道新幹線・山陽新幹線 運行期間 :1964年10月~2008年12月 営業最高速度:220km/h 使用列車種別:ひかり・こだま 主要始発駅 :東京・名古屋・新大阪・岡山・広島・博多 所有会社 :国鉄・JR東海・JR西日本

0系 新幹線電車 運行路線 :東海道新幹線・山陽新幹線 運行期間 :1964年10月~2008年12月 営業最高速度:220km/h 使用列車種別:ひかり・こだま 主要始発駅 :東京・名古屋・新大阪・岡山・広島・博多 所有会社 :国鉄・JR東海・JR西日本

Italian bullet train "Italo" with Ferrari red


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Japan unveils a prototype of 310 mph Maglev Train this week, designed to reach speeds of around by using magnetic levitation.

Japanese bullet train, Shinkansen 新幹線

Japanese bullet train, Shinkansen 新幹線--looks a little like the dragon "Toothless", doesn't it?

Japanese bullet train, Shinkansen. May be it's the fastest train in the world, but among the fastest it's the most uncomfortable, too. TGV and ICE are muuuuch more convenient to travel in. Shinkansen is something like a superfast subway train.

Japanese bullet train, Shinkansen ( among the fastest train in the world )

Trem bala Dr. Yellow - para verificar os trilhos de Shinkansen - Japão

Yellow bullet train in Japan - Dr. Yellow is designed specifically for checking the rails for Shinkasen bullet trains.

high speed train | Your Daily Train -> http://dailytrain.tumblr.com/

A high-speed train runs on a bridge during its trial trip from Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan Province to Beijing, capital of China, Dec.