Knights of Middle England stars of the 2012 show

The knight galloped his Destrier across the field, bearing the colorful flag.


Image detail for -in the jousting portion of the tournament England, Dominic Sewell.

Knight, Male Warrior, Soldier

m Fighter Plate Armor Helm 2 Handed Sword Knight, Male Warrior, Soldier miniature

norman knight and his spanish riding horse By pg tips2

Inspiration for Alain in SNOW IN JULY/ by Kim Headlee, though Alain's shield has a white rose nestled in a tangle of greenery. Norman knight and his Spanish riding horse By pg

Armour for Damaris: the tunic can again be the Gavellese flag or the Ambrose crest, with "Honour" and "Virtue" embroidered into each of the thigh pieces.

z- Samantha Swords Wins Longsword Competition- Harcourt Park World Jousting Tournament